KFC has closed

KFC has closed, long live KFC. KFC in Bath has sold their last Zinger Tower Burger. The KFC had been at this site for 17 years and you could feel that was the case when you visited. I love KFC as much as anyone else but it was never the best KFC. The service was fairly poor and the food was not as good as other locations. It was however always busy with queues out of the door so it was undoubtedly popular. Nonetheless it was our KFC and it shall be missed. This is the second store that has been in place for well over a decade being closed. The other being Costa in W H Smiths so what is going on in Bath?

Good News

Some good news though. KFC are looking for a new location in Bath. Knowing Bath quite well I am not sure where they could possibly use. Whilst there are a whole load of locations available for shops none of them that I can think of would be appropriate for a fast food location. If you do have a craving for KFC you can use this link to find your nearest branch. Otherwise if you are up for something a little bit different perhaps a trip to Absurd Bird which can be found opposite Debenhams. It has a good choice of 6 cheaper items for the lunch menu but also does some fantastic full meals especially my personal favourite the chicken, waffles and maple syrup, delicious!

The Challenge

You may be interested in learning what will be taking KFC’s place. From the posters in the window it appears to be a 24 hour gym called anytime fitness. So if you are interested in taking the challenge of burning off all the calories you once consumed in the same location check out the link for more information.


Is KFC making a comeback in Bath? Find out more here.

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