Absurd bird is the place for fried chicken in Bath

Absurd bird is one of my favourite new places to eat. Lunch or dinner it does not matter, as long as you want some delicious fried chicken then Absurd Bird is the place to be. There is just something very special about American Southern fried chicken. Just thinking about their menu is making me hungry.


With a few choices of starters of which I can tell you the chicken tenders are delicious with several choices of dip to go with them. An interesting option are the jalapeno cheese biscuits with apple butter. These are certainly something new for the UK palette and if you have heard about biscuits and gravy in American movies then these are the biscuits they are talking about.


It should not surprise you that over 90% of the menu is chicken and if chicken is not your thing then you really are in the wrong place. There are a few vegetarian options so there should be at least one or two choices but will most likely be either a black bean burger or a black bean slider with a salad option for those trying to avoid a burger. Sliders for those not in the know are just small burgers. I can manage two, or three at a push and as you can mix and match your choices it is a good way to experience more than one burger is a smaller taster version. The burgers, sliders and Caesar wraps are all delicious with the latter being a bit spicier than you would imagine.

The challenge

There is a chicken wings challenge if you are brave enough. If you can eat your way through 24 chicken wings as quickly as possible whilst beating the record time and you get the wings for FREE. I have not seen this challenge being taken up yet I am sure its just a matter of time. So if you think you can complete it and perhaps if you are starving. I would love to hear from a winner of the challenge.

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