Royal View nears completion by Crest Nicholson

It was not long ago that Bath was filled with unused industrial land. The large area used as a car park and the ugly gas storage container which could be seen for miles around were nothing but eye sores in what should be one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. A lot has changed and yet there is so much more to come. The biggest change has been the massive residential development adding over 600 properties to the area created at Bath Riverside.

Royal View

The latest finished building sat right on the waters edge is called Royal View. With the view available from the penthouses royal is exactly the word to describe them. The penthouses will also have access to a private garden on the top of the building. On the ground floor will be space for one or two restaurants and hopefully a coffee shop. The flats and penthouses themselves are all the luxury spec offered by Crest Nicholson which includes underfloor heating. If you have not experienced underfloor heating before it is so much better than having radiators. It not only saves space and allows you to have more furniture closer to the wall but you can walk around barefoot and feel the heat radiating through the tiles.


Royal view itself is due to be completed in Sept/Oct 2017. Most of the scaffolding has already been removed in preparation for the finishing external touches to be added. The glass windows for the ground floor commercial space are almost complete. We are just waiting to see who wants to rent the space which is bound to be profitable. The area surrounding the Royal View is currently being landscaped with a few trees and paving at the entrance to the building. A green park area totalling 8.5 acres will be available on the other side of the building stretching across the large space beside the river.

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