Apex Hotel Open for Business in Bath

Apex hotel – Georgian Style

The brand new luxury Apex Hotel is now open for business. Many may recall the ugly building which stood there before. Another eyesore casting a shadow over the beautiful Georgian style city.

Slowly but surely the city of Bath is improving. The skyline is changing by replacing these older unused buildings with beautiful new Bath stone covered architecture. The new buildings themselves fit into the style and feel of Bath and the new Apex hotel is no exception. The hotel is located near the Roman Baths, just a short walk from the Thermae Bath Spa. Being so central to town gives you easy access to many attractions and shops throughout the city.


Boasting 177 contemporary rooms and conference space for 400 delegates the Apex Hotel Bath is the 10th Apex hotel to be completed. This is now the largest hotel in terms of a number of rooms and conference space. Considering the hotel is a brand new 4-star hotel, the prices for rooms are actually very reasonable. Facilities include WiFi, swimming pool, gym, bar, and restaurant. Along with the opening of the Apex and the new Premier Inn, the competition is going to have to seriously step up their game to compete.


The hotel is designed to be able to accommodate many different types of event. If you are looking for somewhere to host a meeting, conference, wedding or Christmas party then the team at Apex would love to help you plan your event. Booking your Christmas event early is highly recommended as this is the hottest new venue in town.

Christmas Market

One final note. Bath will soon host the annual Christmas Market attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors. Why not book a weekend away to give yourself extra time to see the city while enjoying more browsing time at the Christmas market?

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