New Catering Supplies Store Opening Soon

The ground floor of the WW2 damaged and the recently refurbished building next to the new Premier Inn has a new catering supplies store in Bath. We have been patiently waiting to see who would take up the space. Ok, maybe not patiently as I am very impatient but we finally have the answer!

New Catering Supplies Store – Nisbets

Opening on Monday the 11th September is Nisbets a catering supplier open to trade and the public.

The ground floor of the building does not look like much from outside. This is due to the council making sure that the war damage was preserved (as they should so well done for that) but inside is a completely different story. A vast space of fresh kitchenware from wall to wall can be found inside. All sorts of kitchen appliances and utensils, some of which I have never seen before, are ready to get cooking. Pasta maker, check. Ladles and serving spoons, check. Chefs hat, check. If you enjoy cooking and want to upgrade a few things in your kitchen then Nisbets has an Aladdin’s cave of cooking gadgets and utensils.

It is a fantastic show of confidence in Bath for a new store to open in the city center. There are a few empty shops which can be seen on the high street but many new stores are opening. Nothing happens overnight but Bath is certainly changing. In fact, Bath has been undergoing one of the biggest developments in its history. With new flats and housing being developed at Bath Riverside by Crest Nicholson as well as the new commercial offices being built at Bath Quays. There is so much going on its hard to guess what will open next.

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