Eric Snook’s Toy Shop has closed

Eric Snook’s toy shop has been one of those places that everyone in the city knew about for years. It had been open for decades, over 60 years, in one location or another in the city.

Eric Snook’s

Personally I knew it as the best place to find Lego and whilst other stores such as W H Smith’s and Debenhams have a very narrow range, Eric Snook’s had the much larger, more expensive sets.

The store is closing for good not just to move to a different venue this time  which means this really is the end of an era. They are not the first long standing brand to leave our high street and sadly they are very unlikely to be the last.

The high street is fighting some very difficult battles with high business rates and lower customer footfall. Those two battles would be hard enough but with high costs for parking and the ability to buy most things online for cheaper these conditions start to explain the high street woes.

Where to get toys now?

Some stores do have toy sections such as Debenhams although it is aimed at a much younger age group. Another store with a selection of toys is Hawkins Bazaar which has some toys including lego but also has higher end gifts and gadgets like drones.

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