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Kali, also known as Eskrima or Arnis is one of the most fascinating styles of marital arts and originates from the Philippines. Unlike most forms of martial arts Kali teaches weapons from the start with the theory being if you can fight with a weapon you can fight without one. One of the most famous Kali martial artists may be a name you are familiar with, Dan Inosanto. Dan was a training partner of the late Bruce Lee but what many may not know is that Dan was also a teacher of Bruce Lee. He introduced him to nunchaku which most people have seen in Game of Death. You will also notice Bruce performing double sticks which is one of the key areas below.

Kali Sikaran has the motto ‘Self Defence with Confidence’ as the system being taught to practitioners is both for the body and the mind.

Kali Sikaran areas

There are six areas that are closely interwoven

  • Knife [DAGA]
  • Close Quarters [KADENA DE MANO]
  • Filipino Boxing [PANANTUKAN]
  • Filipino Kickboxing [SIKARAN]
  • Double Stick [DOBLE BASTON]
  • Single Stick [SOLO BASTON]

In an increasingly unsettled world being prepared for anything has to be the new normal. Being able to defend yourself is now a necessity after all “it is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war”.

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