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There are two parts to running a website. The first is the actual website which you build by either writing code or using a CMS (Content Management System). This is what most people understand by a website.  Most people know if you want a website you will need a web host. Some people, however, may not know what a web host actually is.

Web Hosting

A ‘Web Host’ is a company that makes your website available to other browsers on the internet. They ‘Host’ it on a server which can be accessed anywhere in the world at anytime using your domain name. Over the past 12 months we have been testing out several web hosting companies. We wanted to find the best deal for bandwidth, site visits, domain renewal prices, security and of course customer service and we finally picked who we will be using for at least the next 12 months.

Who is it…

The winner is SiteGround. We actually received a phone call from them shortly after signing up to see if we needed any help. That is customer service at its best, unexpected and above and beyond the competition. We have never had that before from any other web hosting company ever and we have been managing websites for decades. It was not even part of why we chose them as it happened after we had made our decision but we just thought we had to tell everyone about it.

The other part of the system we are really pleased with is called 2 factor authentication. We are big on security and in this day and age, you have to be. 2FA, as it is known, requires us to login using a username, a password and a security key that we can generate on a mobile phone using an app called Google Authenticator. Without both sets of information, the username/password combo AND the 6 digit key no one else can log into our hosting account. For us this security measure is a must. I personally have 4 other sites I use Google Authenticator with for extra security. If it’s available you should certainly use it. If it’s not available you should probably consider using a service where it is.


By using the above link SiteGround may pay us commission on any sales but we do recommend them because we do use them.

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