Costa in W H Smiths Closing after 18 Years

Costa in W H Smiths closes

It has been brought to our attention that Costa in W H Smiths will be closing on 19th Oct 2017. It was not too long ago that Costa in Waterstones the bookshop on Milsom street was closed and replaced with a new coffee shop. Costa has, believe it or not, been in that location for 18 years. A very decent location which right now we can only assume will be replaced with a new brand rather than converting it into extra book space.

Where Can I Get a Costa Coffee Now?

There are three other Costa branches in the city center. The first is on the ground floor of Debenhams near the door leading to the bus/train station. This branch usually has the shortest queue although the internet is not as fast at this location. The newest branch is on Southgate street near McDonald’s and Barclays Bank. This location is usually packed which can make it a bit slow to get served. It does, however, have good internet access and lots of space to sit down in. It is by far the best looking Costa in the city. The third branch is on Stall Street opposite the Westgate Inn. This used to be the main branch to go to but the Southgate branch has more space and a better layout.

We have heard there will be a new Costa opening in Bath but it is further out of town. We will update this article when we have more information.

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