Don’t have a Cau man – well Bath does!

The immortal words spoken by Bart Simpson may have been talking about his hometown and his longing for a decent steak but unlike Springfield Bath does have a Cau!

Surprise birthday meal

It was my friends who introduced me to the best steak I have had in years. A few years ago in Bristol, I was taken to Cau for a surprise birthday meal. They said the steak was the best and I was holding my expectations quite high with all the build up. They were not wrong. CAU stands for CARNE AGENTINA UNICA, literally unique Argentine meat. If you love steak and have not been then this could be a treat for you. Whilst I always opt for the steak as a main I mix it up with the starters but steak is not the only meal they prepare. Chicken, pork, and fish are all on the menu too so if you are visiting with a nonsteak lover they will certainly be able to find something equally delicious.

Cau in Bath

Cau can be a little hard to find tucked inside Milson Place just off Milsom Street but well worth the hunt. They do change their menu so I can no longer recommend the squid in breadcrumbs because they are no longer available which is a shame as they were absolutely delicious. For starters, I can, however, recommend the empanadas, the braised pork belly, the croquettes and the beef Cau-paccio. I have been to Cau on several occasions over the past few months and had a fantastic meal each time. For main it has to be the 220g sirloin steak, medium-rare with a pepper corn sauce. It’s my favourite, always cooked to perfection and with the starters actually quite filling.


I would love to recommend the desserts but I have never been able to manage three courses at Cau. They have many different dessert options all of which sound delicious. After starters, a main and a few sides I am usually stuffed. I will have too go back one evening just to try the desserts.

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