Koh Thai, best Thai food in Bath?

Koh Thai is actually a chain of restaurants first started in December 2009 in Boscombe, Bournemouth. They have won many awards, the first of which was in under a year of trading. In November 2010 Koh Thai picked up the Restaurant of the Year award from the Bournemouth Tourism Awards. It hasn’t stopped either with more awards have been rolling in over the years. The Bath Koh Thai branch is relatively new having opened in March 2013 but has quickly become one of the favourite places to dine out. Koh Thai fuse their delicious authentic Thai menu with a modern western tapas style of dining.


“I don’t like tapas” said no one EVER! Tapas is the ideal way to taste and share a wide range of dishes without worrying about trying a dish you may not enjoy. I have become a bit of a Thai tapas tasting pro. My wife and I love Koh Thai. It is our favourite place to eat in Bath as we know that every single dish we order will taste amazing. The venue itself is very well decorated with traditional Thai ornaments and the staff are always happy and helpful. When you know your product is that good you can not be unhappy delivering it.

The food

Last week my wife and I had our first lunch at Koh Thai. We decided to have some of the lunch menus items and some of the main menu items as I always have the Thai style pan fried chicken (my personal favourite) as that is just too good to miss. For the first time we noticed a dish we had not seen before. The Thai sliced crispy beef. This dish is cooked to perfection. The flavour of the beef being matched by the way is melts in your mouth. I actually think this dish could be better than the weeping tiger steak which is one of my friends all time favourite dishes.

You probably don’t want to try all the beef dishes in one sitting as that could be a bit too much. Choosing one beef, one chicken, one pork and one seafood dish would certainly round out a delicious and varied meal. The hardest part of trying new dishes with each visit is missing out on one you know is fantastic. I have so many favourites that I have to forego one so that I can try another. In future I will have to invite more friends to join us so we get a little bit of everything.

There are of course many Thai curry options Green, yellow, red, chicken, duck, lamb all of which are delicious. To me its the dishes that you would not expect to see on the menu which offer something fresh. How will you decide on which delicious dish to try? Well the decision may have to come down to a coin toss but no matter if it’s heads or tails you will certainly be impressed with your selection.

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