Nationwide opens new Branch in Bath

Bath is seeing a vast rejuvenation in the stores found on the high street and one industry that is leading the way is the finance industry. In particular, the banks.

Banking finally feeling the heat?

It might be an image play based on the events of the financial crisis back in 2008 that has forced banks to make an extra effort. With most banks talking about closing branches down, in Bath the opposite is happening. In the past few years we have had renovated branches by HSBC, Barclays, Natwest and now Nationwide has opened a brand new and fresh looking branch.

Competition is getting fierce

Banks are no longer just competing with each other. They are having to compete with new challenger banks such as Metro and Revolut. Banks that have no branches at all and are just a mobile app allowing them to keep their overheads to a minimum whilst investing heavily in the latest tech. Banks have been quite slow at adopting the latest technology available and I have not even considered blockchain technology.

Articles have started appearing about Amazon getting into banking. Competition is always great for consumers. Amazon has repeatedly shown it has the financial backing and track record to disrupt any industry it enters.

Nationwide opens new Branch

From Monday 26th March Nationwide will have a new branch on the high street.

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