Ernest Jones Le Vian Day in Bath on May 13th

Twice a year Ernest Jones holds a Le Vian event. They host hundreds of gorgeous pieces of jewellery from their vault in New York. So every 6 months you get to book an appointment to view and try on some of the most beautiful rings you will find on the high street.

Le Vian

Being a man I did not have much interest in any kinds of jewellery before I started looking for an engagement ring but I did find gems and precious stones a very interesting subject. Not only do I look at what stones are available but also where those particular stones come from. Le Vian are renowned for their chocolate diamond range which is very unique in a market that usually praises the clear, high quality, white diamonds. 

I am sure most of you know that diamonds are judged on four different characteristics. Clarity, Colour, Cut, and carat, also know as the 4 C’s. Did you know that diamonds are the only gemstone to have an internationally recognized standard to be graded against? No other stones are classed based on color, clarity or any other characteristic. They are simply valued on a case by case or in this scenario a stone by stone basis.

The Event

Make sure you sign up to hear about the next event which can be done in store. You can book an appointment and request certain pieces to be included in the selection sent over from New York. Myself and my wife recently attended one of their events and placed an order for a Le Vian ring. Whilst they do show a wide range of items available they obviously do not send over every size for every ring. We placed an order which will be ready at the start of September. This does seem like quite a wait but for such beautiful items, it will be well worth it.

When are the events?

As these events happen every 6 months there are two months you need to keep in mind. The first is this one which is in May. The second is 6 months after in Oct which is perfect for getting a beautiful Christmas present that will last and be remembered forever. They tend to advertise them the month before so keep an eye out in April and September as you will be able to book an appointment then.


The next event will be on Oct 28th 2018. I will start and keep this list updated for future events.


The latest event will be on April 16th 2019.

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