Hawkin’s Bazaar Bath Now Sells Lego

Hawkin’s Bazaar Bath is an Aladdin’s cave of gifts and toys. With the recent closure of Eric Snook’s toy shop, there are now only a few places where you can find Lego. Debenham’s is one and WH Smith’s is another but now there is a third much better option.

Hawkin’s Bazaar Bath now sells Lego

That’s right if you are looking for Lego Hawkin’s Bazaar Bath should now be top of your list. They have the largest range of any shop in the city and I have looked. In fact, I have never seen so much Lego in one place in Bath. There is a full range of Star Wars, City, Superheroes and Jurassic Park Lego to choose from.

Whilst the range is broad there is a limited number of each set. The Star Wars BB8 USC edition, for example, had 3 sets available. Since then I bought one and another one has also been purchased leaving one left.

Lego Star Wars Discount

The Star Wars Lego has a special 20% discount currently on all Star Wars sets. So the USC edition BB8 I purchased was reduced from £85 to £68 which is a great deal. I am unsure how long the deal is available for however it was live at the time of writing this article. Stock is however limited so if you have an item missing from your collection now is the time to check it out.

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