Castle Galleries Bath

Castle Galleries

One of my favourite galleries in Bath is Castle Galleries on Old Bond street near Nero Coffee, Charles Tyrwhitt and Jack Mills. Spread over two floors and offering a lot of wall space they certainly Marvel Art Hulkhave a wide range of different sized pieces of art. One particular collection of pieces are my absolute favourite. Large and signed collectors edition Marvel Art Thorpieces of Marvel art. These pieces are limited in number and are hand signed by Stan Lee, the creator of many Marvel characters.

Marvel Art

These pieces come in various sizes from the the massive Deluxe edition boxed canvas down to the Giclee on paper. Giclee are smaller and would be much easier to store that’s for sure. I have over a dozen of these glorious Boxed Canvases hung on my walls. They are without doubt some of the greatest purchases I have made. They do tend to sell out quite quickly and I would certainly buy more if I had the wall space available (the walls of my living room are a no go according to my wife).

On the left is the Hulk and if you look very closely you will actually find two signatures. That’s right it is not only signed by Stan Lee but also Lou Ferrigno who was the first actor to play the Hulk on TV. On the right is Thor in all his electrifying glory my absolute favourite character. There is currently a fantastic Dead Pool piece available to view at the time of writing. I would certainly get it if I had enough space to hide it, from the wife.

Its not all about super heroes!

Two of my favourite artists right now are Paul Corfield and John Myatt. Two completely different artists both of which can be found at Castle Galleries in Bath. I have actually placed an order for one of each of their pieces as the wife likes these artists too. This might be to stop me putting wolverine on the wall but now we have something to go on the walls. The atmosphere is always great when you visit and the staff are more than happy to help you find the perfect piece for you.


If you find a piece you like and do not have all the money for one transaction they do offer a finance option too. I think they go up to a maximum of 36 months. I have used this three times without issue. The process is very easy and can be completed online saving all the paperwork.

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