Traffic At Standstill As A46 Incident with Car in Flames

Don’t you hate it when there is a load of traffic but you don’t know why? Have you been wondering what caused all the traffic on the A46 this late afternoon/early evening?

A46 incident between Pennsylvania and Junction 18 M4

The A46 has been brought to a standstill heading towards the M4 Junction 18 due to a car on fire. Traffic has built up for miles as everyone starts their commute back home with some giving up and turning around to try and find an alternative path. Thought to be a black VW Passat or similar model engulfed in flames emanating from the bonnet at around 16:50 both lanes were closed whilst firefighters arrived to deal with the incident.

Once the fire has been put out and the vehicle made safe, the road should have enough space for a single lane to be opened and for traffic to pass.

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