Yo Sushi has closed

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Yo Sushi in Milsom Place has closed. As a frequent Sushi consumer myself I am quite shocked this has happened as this store has always been busy with customers. On top of that each time I was there I would see multiple Deliveroo orders being collected on each visit.

I do know there was a menu change recently as some of my favourite dishes disappeared. One of my absolute favourites introduced on the last menu update was the Albacore Truffle Ponzu Sashimi whilst not one of the cheapest dishes but it is so delicious I would have at least two.

Reports are pointing towards high business rates and trouble on the high street causing many large brands to reevaluate their leases. With many chains falling into administration this year I am hardly surprised. If my business had any leases that were due for renewal I would be looking at them very closely.

I think that the government need to sort out the entire business rates mess over the next year or two. If they do not there will be no high street stores left so without them there will be no restaurants. Footfall is constantly being reported as down and online sales have been increasing for years. We could actually be witnessing the slow death of the high street. One thing is for sure there are many more vacant stores in Bath than there once were.

Nearest Yo Sushi

The nearest Yo Sushi place is now in Cabot Circus in Bristol which is approx 11 miles from Bath. There are however two other sushi restaurants in Bath. One is Yen Sushi on Bartlett Street and the other is Bath Sushi on Lower Bristol Road while I am a regular visitor to Bath Sushi I have only ordered from Yen Sushi using Deliveroo. Both are very good but Yen Sushi has more choice.

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