Biggie Best Luxury Home Decor

Biggie Best is one of those names I had never heard about so I had no idea what treasures I would find inside. This store opened just in time for Christmas after the closure of Cath Kidston and as you will see it is has one of the most amazing ranges of high end home decorations I have seen.

It’s Christmas

When we went everything was geared up for Christmas. Silver was the theme and we could have easily spent an absolute fortune. As you go through the front door there are so many different items to see.

Just to the left is a set of stairs which leads you to the view shown below. This is just the first space as there is another room if you keep walking to the left which I do not have a picture of. Upstairs is more about cushions and bed linens than Christmas decorations but there is still the tree on the right to see. You can also see the grey and white Lanterns on the table. These were also on show in the downstairs window, which is what first drew our attention to the store.

Top of the Stairs at Biggie Best

Back downstairs is where the kitchen, dinning and living room items are. There are many pots, baskets and a wide range of glassware available around he edges of the room.

Downstairs near the back

I think this is the nicest area in the shop. The dining room table, which itself is stunning, is the focus of one of the most important Christmas traditions, The Christmas Dinner. As you can see silver is the theme from candlesticks to baubles all brought together with glass and grey place settings.

Not everything is silver but it is central to this years Christmas theme. As you can see from the pic there are flowers at the back to provide a bit of colour. As we move into new seasons I am sure a whole new range will be available for Spring/Summer 2019.

Excellent quality

Whilst the goods are undoubtedly luxury, the prices do match the quality of the selection. I am quite happy to say that Biggie Best is a fantastic store to add to the streets of Bath. If you find yourself on Broad Street and you really should as Koh Thai is there for a start. Take a look at some of the high end furnishing and kitchenware stores.

Recently there has been a lot of talk of the 50 to 60 stores that are currently unused. It is good to see that some shops spend very little time being unoccupied. My wife and I look forward to spending more time browsing their range and picking up a set of their silver candlesticks.

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