Hondo Sushi opens its doors

With the recent closure of Yo Sushi, Bath was left with just two other sushi restaurants. That was before Hondo Sushi opened its doors. We have been and it was delicious, so get ready for a look at a few dishes available.

Fresh New Restaurant

As they have just opened their menu was a little difficult to navigate. We were told that they are having new menus printed up properly as the current ones were several large laminated pages which were single sided. Whilst there were no pictures of the food at all most of it is as you would expect especially if like us you love your sushi.

Hondo opened on the 5th February and we are happy they did. You can find them next door to the Hondo Chinese supermarket which if you have not guessed by the name is owned by the same person, Ivan Chen. Their focus is on fresh produce which comes through in the taste of the dishes. The menu choices are where the experience of the chef shines through.

The Bento Box

My wife has been going on about Bento Boxes for months which is something that I do not usually order but this time I thought I would give it a try as they had several options on the menu.

Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box

The Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box was my choice and I did not regret it one bit. It comes with rice in the lower right, some salad in the lower left and in the top left there are three pieces of tofu which were quite difficult to pick up with chop sticks but I persevered.

The Salmon Bento is shown to the right and was my wife’s choice. It contains Salmon Sashimi in the bottom left, Salmon Nigiri in the top right, salmon rolls on the top left and a salmon temaki in the lower right. The salmon could not have been more fresh it was delicious.

We ate more than the above

We did order a lot more as we were not entirely sure how big everything was going to be. On that note lets take a look at a few more dishes we ordered.

Grilled Scallop with sweet chilli mayo and cheese. These were fantastic. I love scallops and whenever I see them on the menu I have to try them. Not a cheap item but they never are where ever you go.

Chicken Gyoza which is one of the usual choices we go for as they are good to share. These were also good but they are one of the most common dishes we see so not the most exciting item we have chosen. Solid tasty dish which is easy to share between two.

We did have a little miss hap with a Chashu Bun. When we have ordered them at other places they have come all in one piece inside the bun but at Hondos they serve the bun separate to the filling. We figured that out after we had eaten the filling which was quite amusing but something to note.

Hondo is now our absolute favourite sushi restaurant. The food is top quality and very fresh. The variety of dishes on the menu is second to none in Bath and we will be going back very soon to try some of the other dishes.

Where are they?

You can find Hondos at 8-9 St James’s Parade, BA1 1UL. They are opposite Tasty Restaurant which is another Chinese place that I have yet to review after their recent refit.

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  • March 28, 2019 at 8:14 pm

    It is my new favourite sushi restaurant! Been there twice already and never been disappointed.


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