Yak Yeti Yak on Pierrepont St

As much as I like Koh Thai, it is of course one of my favourite restaurants but I think my all time favourite in Bath will always be Yak Yeti Yak. Why is it my favourite? Simple, the food is like nothing else I have ever tasted anywhere else.

Traditional decorations

Yak Yeti Yak is a very traditional and authentic Nepalese restaurant which is to be expected from a family run business. Hidden underground it can be easy to walk past and miss out on the delights that lay underneath. In Bath some of the best locations are found underground and Yak Yeti Yak is certainly one of them.

Taste of Nepal

The food reminds me of Indian dishes but without the sauces which is the best way I can describe it. Nepal is obviously close to India so no surprise rice is a main staple but the dishes are different enough when you fancy trying new flavours whilst keeping a sense of familiarity.

For Starters for me, there is only ever one choice. The cheese balls. They come with a delicious chutney called sweet Achar which is made from ripe tomatoes and mild chilli.

Bhuteko Bhat is my usual choice for rice. It is basmati rice fried, Nepalese style with turmeric, mustard seeds and mixed vegetables. The other choice is Bhat which is steamed plain rice.

Aloo Channa is a nice side dish to have. It’s made of potato and chickpeas stir-fried with cumin and their our own mix of spices. A nice dish to share.

My main meat dish was Yak Yeti Yak lamb which is stir-fried lamb with cumin, peppers and their our own masala blend. As you can see no sauce but it is in oil with the spices, absolutely delicious.

Pork Bhutuwa was my wife’s choice which is marinated pork in freshly ground spices, tomato and spring onion. We had one meat dish each and shared the rice and potatoes which was plenty to eat for us.


Yak Yeti Yak also have a selection of desserts. On this occasion we did not get to try them but in the past I have tasted the Chiyaa ice cream which has the flavour of spiced tea and is a very nice palette cleanser. The freak street apple tart is also a good choice but I prefer the ice cream to the tart

Traditional Drinks

They also have a traditional drink called Kagati Pani which is a lemon lime water drink a bit like lemonade without the fizz. It is a refreshing drink but may be a little sweet for some customers however it’s certainly a new taste and worth a try.


Unless you are going to go early evening during the week, it is advisable to book. Restaurants in Bath can be notoriously difficult to get a free table in the evenings especially at the weekends. This applies to most restaurants in Bath however if you are lucky and early you may get lucky. In conclusion, if you do visit let us know below what dishes you tried and what you think about Nepalese cuisine.

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