Has KFC found a new home?

Could KFC be making a come back in Bath? I for one hope so and I am sure many others would also like to know the good news.

The Franchise Wars

KFC is obviously an international Juggernaut of the fast food industry. It has been around 2 years since it closed its doors in Bath after the end of the franchise wars. Not exactly what happened I will admit, there was no war per se and even better Taco Bell was not the winner.

As you may know after 17 years KFC did not/could not renew their lease and closed the doors being replaced by a gym. The exact reason remains unknown but you can find out more here.

It was however a surprise to the entire city as KFC was an extremely popular location to grab a bite to eat after all who doesn’t love fried chicken? Well, vegans and vegetarians obviously but you know what I mean. So with great fanfare it finally looks like KFC may have found a new location but where?

Show me the KFC

As you can see from the photo it’s the old Lloyd’s Bank building which has been vacant for a long time. The building has been done up and is ready for a new tenant. With some luck and a slight change in the planning terms to allow for takeaways we could soon see KFC back in Bath.

This site looks like a fantastic opportunity to welcome back Bath’s favourite chicken restaurant in a decently sized premises. How will it effect Bath?


There are bound to be a good number of jobs created by the opening of KFC, certainly mid double digits. I can also tell you that the amount of CO2 saved by citizens of Bath having to drive to either Cabot Circus or Saltford could be substantial. Well I can at least say my personal CO2 total will come down.

Either way I see this as a big plus for Bath. More choice, more jobs and ultimately more fried chicken. On one final note, should you feel that the pounds are starting to add up. Check out some of the gyms available in Bath including the previous KFC location.

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