Superdry quietly closes on St Lawrence Street

The high street in Bath has claimed another store. Retailers have been tested to their limits over the past few years and SuperDry is just the latest to disappear. It’s certainly not getting any easier for retail stores. With the loss of many big names and tough times predicted to continue, it is however unsurprising to see another big name leave our city.

SuperDry has been in the new Southgate shopping area since it opened. It was a large store spread over two floors with a lot of retail space. Could business rates have been too high? It is one possible cause but SuperDry has also been in the news due to profit warnings.

The store was frequently busy and I have personally bought several items over the years but the closure of this store has come out of nowhere. It is certainly a shock to the local community.

Signs in the window offer the abrupt “This store is now closed” message as well as advice for the nearest location. Cabot Circus in Bristol is a bit of a drive but fairly quick to get to via train. The best option however is most likely to buy online.

When one store closes another must open so what is going to take its place?

There is currently nothing to suggest what will take its place but as the store is fairly large it is a good guess that a large chain will move in. When will they move in is more the question and that is certainly to be seen. Once I have some more information I will link to this article with the update.

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