Bath steps Back in Time

As most people know Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage site. As such the city of Bath is a massive tourist destination. This week visitors have been taken back in time with a little more authenticity. Whilst Jane Austen is a big draw for tourists we have a little more to see.

Netflix has been recording scenes for a new period drama called Bridgerton which is expected to be released next year. Bath has the most amazing Georgian architecture, fantastic cobbled streets and is frequently used as a film location.

Bridgerton a step back in time

Several streets have been spotted with props, actors and even a horse and cart. You can see them above waiting patiently for the call of ‘Action’. Lots of work goes into preparing and recording TV shows. Scenes are set and reset multiple times, often from multiple angles to get enough footage to complete a scene.

What you can’t easily see is the sign for ‘Fuel’. It is visible if you zoom in on the left between the columns. Will it be forgotten or will it be removed in post production we will have to wait and see next year?

One thing is for sure Netflix viewers will be treated to another trip back in time. Bath will get to be seen on TV by a larger worldwide audience and in turn this will bring more tourists to the city.

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