Osteopathy for aches and pains

Over the years I have spent way too many hours driving up and down the M4 which has caused a fair amount of neck pain. Whilst I have recently managed to reduce the amount of driving I decided to find someone that could help. I started searching for osteopathy and chiropractor in Bath.

Pain in the neck

First off my pain is not debilitating in any way. It does not stop me doing anything apart from driving for too long. I have seen a few chiropractors and osteopaths over the years mostly for the same reason. That being neck ache leading to headaches and restricted head movement.

Osteopathy or a Chiropractor

To start lets just get this bit out of the way. Osteopaths treat a wider range of issues than chiropractors. In fact a Chiropractor tends to sort issues of muscle and joint pain which is just a small part of what an osteopath treats.

Oldfield Osteopathic Clinic

I am not the most fit person but I have done a fair amount of martial arts over the years too but it was the driving causing all my issues. I have used three places in Bath over the years. The first was Oldfield Osteopathic Clinic where I was seen by Alex.

Oldfield Osteopathic Clinic
Oldfield Osteopathic Clinic in Oldfield Park Bath

I started seeing Alex every few months for a while until he took a sabbatical. I tried to book an appointment after that but it was very difficult to speak to anyone on the phone and so I started looking for another venue. Their website does now allow for online booking which is a big improvement. Alex also appears on their website so I assume he is now available again too. Other than trying to book appointments several years ago their treatment was effective and I would recommend them.

Physio Impulse

That is when I found Physio Impulse where I started seeing Stuart to bring some relief from my over driving and tech neck, yes that’s a real thing. This also worked out well for a while and I would certainly recommend him. It was also easier to get an appointment and a bit cheaper too.

Align Body Clinic

I did once again end up driving a fair bit more and during a Kali Sikaran class my instructor recommended I speak to Jay from Align Body Clinic as their Structural Integration sessions had helped him with back pain. I have had very good results from Align body Clinic and would once again recommend them to anyone having problems.

Align Body Clinic

The issues I have suffered from have never really gone away and that is down to driving long distances.

I am looking at taking up Yoga once again as I believe this will also help by stretching and strengthening muscles, until then I will continue to go here.

There are of course many other osteopathy venues in Bath offering the same or similar services but the three mentioned above are the ones that I can personally recommend.

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