Disney Vintage Event at Castle Fine Art

Every now and then Art galleries in Bath host events like Disney Vintage, enticing me along to see the latest and greatest pieces of art they have to offer. This inevitably leads to me spending a nice sum of money on some beautiful pieces of art.

Pieces that I tend to be interested in are signed, limited editions that capture TV or films that I am a fan of. I have several Marvel limited edition pieces signed by Stan Lee himself before he passed away recently.

Disney Vintage

This evenings event was Disney Vintage, Q and A with Ari Goldman. For those that do not know Ari Goldman is one of the longest operating and most reputable vintage animation art dealers in the world.

It is almost hard to remember that animated movies used to be completed entirely by hand by dozens if not hundreds of animators. So much of today’s movies and TV shows are entirely computer animated without a thought about where it all started.

Q and A

It was fantastic to hear about how Ari got started with vintage animation art. Several questions were asked about how a value is placed on a still. It comes down to how ‘big’ a character is like the witch in Snow White. The wicked Queen actually has a much longer run time but the witch is on screen for only minutes.

Disney Vintage event with Ari Goldman

Ari Goldman

At Castle Fine Art in Bath on 28th Nov 2019 at the Disney Vintage event. Ari gave a talk, followed by a Q and A for the audience. Questions asked included Disney’s history and about the animation industry.

Then the actual event such as the witch holding the bright red poisoned apple has even less screen time. This makes any frames of this event even more sought after. An interesting point was raised about there being 30 frames per second so 30 times that image. Whilst true images showing a head turning or bits of motion are not valued highly or at all. It’s the frozen moments (no pun intended) of an event where the focus of characters are in full view that are worth the most.

Robert Bailey

Whilst I did not buy any Disney art I did pick up two Robert Bailey pieces signed by William Shatner. Star Trek is not the only franchise that Robert Bailey focuses on. He also has several fantastic Star Wars pieces each in pencil with a little bit of colour which makes then stand out.

Check out the Castle Fine Art website for more information and prices.

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