KFC Opens in time for Christmas

KFC opens its doors once more and it’s just in time for Christmas.

After the speculation and rumour of KFC finding a new location we have known for a little while where it was going to open, but now we know when. I had overheard the builders talking about it opening for Monday 23rd December. Actually KFC opens on Sunday the 22nd.

As a big KFC fan, I love fried chicken but then again who doesn’t? When KFC closed it had been a staple of Bath for over 15 years. I was honestly quite devastated when it closed as the nearest KFC was now over in Saltford on the edge of Keynsham.

What’s it like?

As you enter, KFC opens onto the kitchen which is down stairs and directly ahead. There are some seats to the left of the front door and a few smaller tables to the right near the stairs.

To the immediate right are two sets of two self serve ordering points. The first set of two are in front of you as you walk in and the other two are directly opposite next to the door.

These tills allow you to order and customise your food but I found that people were quite slow. This could be due to being slow to choose what they wanted to eat. In this case you can order as usual at the counter face to face with a person or go upstairs for one more till as shown below.

Self Serve Tills

The digital service tills look similar to the one on the left. This one is actually found up stairs so if its busy downstairs you might be able to jump the queue.

The tills also have table numbers which allow you to order, pick up a number which you enter on the screen and kitchen staff will bring your food to you as part of table service. This is optional and you can order as normal and go down to collect your food.

The food is as good as any other KFC restaurant. It is quite busy all the time which could be due to it being brand new. Whilst there are a decent amount of tables it does feel quite small. Even better you can now beat the queue and order via deliveroo. Use this link to get £10 off your first 4 orders.

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