Kurt Geiger closes

Another shock to the retail landscape in Bath is the high end retailer Kurt Geiger which closed its doors on 27th December in South Gate.

This is not the first fashion retailer to close in South Gate as just recently SuperDry closed its doors earlier in the year. Whilst two stores are closing in close proximity I do not think this is anything to worry about.

Many stores move locations in the same city for a variety of reasons. This can be for financial reasons like high rents or for non financial reasons like higher footfall. In the end the stores have to make money and make profits otherwise having a store is more of a vanity project than a business.

Kurt Geiger Sale

The end of December is obviously not the best time to close a store as you miss out on massive footfall during the boxing day sale which then leads on to the January Sales. Do not worry as Kurt Geiger also has their sale items available online.

Whilst we do not know what will appear in its place yet, we can see the search has begun. It is also possible that Kurt Geiger will find a new location in Bath. This may be quick or may take some time like KFC which took two years to find a new location but only time will tell.

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