Patisserie Valarie finally closes

Patisserie Valarie has been under immense pressure after accounting irregularities left it searching for funding. Up until very recently their store in Bath had been allowed to continue to trade that was up until the 6th December 2019.

The last time I went there was only a few weeks ago. While the service was not great, they were busy and they did seem to be under staffed but the food was as good as usual. It was also the only place I knew I could get a decent club sandwich for a good price.

Are all Patisserie Valarie closed?

On a recent trip to Cribbs causeway in Bristol I noticed that the branch of Patisserie Valarie was still open. This was surprising as I thought with the closure of the Bath location that all locations would now be closed.

It is a real shame that they have left our high street. They filled an often neglected market segment for food. Most of the restaurants offer more exotic food like, Thai, Chinese, Indian but for quick simple food British food you now have to go to All Bar One, Bistro Cafe or Jolly’s Tea Room.

Cakes and Desserts

One of the other reasons Patisserie Valarie was an important location was due to the cakes and desserts that they had available. You could order cakes online and pick them up from the store really easily. I have done this many times for many different occasions and the white chocolate.

The menu has changed since I last ordered but they have a whole new range of delicious cakes to try. A quick look shows a tropical gateau with mango compote which sounds amazing.

This is a big loss for Bath but there are new dessert focused restaurants opening across the city. One of those is called Creams which I will soon be reviewing.

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