Costa Coffee refit completed

You may have noticed that Costa Coffee has been closed for several days for a refit/remodel. There was nothing wrong with how it looked but shops and restaurants regularly update their look and feel of their locations to keep up with the competition.

Costa Coffee reopens

There are actually multiple Costa Coffee locations in the city of Bath. The recent refit was completed in the Westgate St location which is one of the oldest locations. It is also my personal favourite as it has two floors, with extra tables and toilets downstairs. It is also much quieter downstairs with additional power points for phone charges and laptops.

The WiFi is also good which we all know is a necessity these days especially when you need to upload your pics of the city to Instagram without using your data allowance.

Costa Coffee Refit

As can be seen in the image on the left, there is much more food on show compared to the old layout. There is also a much larger range of cakes available. This is most likely due to this store being larger than the others around Bath.

The menus appear to be the same style as before. They will most likely be updated with the release of the next menu due out for spring/summer. They have also removed most of the advertising in the windows so its possible to see in and out more easily.

The side view from Westgate St Bath opposite the Westgate Inn.

Costa has several more locations in Bath. The first is in Debenhams on the ground floor. The second is on Southgate St which is a smaller single floor venue. I have found the Southgate St venue to be slower than the Westgate location but I think this is due to their being less staff working per shift.

All of these venues offer the same quality food and drinks. If you find one is too busy, try the others as they are not all busy at the same time.

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