Hawkins Bazaar closing down sale everything 50% off

Is Hawkins Bazaar closing? I have mentioned this popular toy and gadget store multiple times before but it seems that this could be the last time. Over the last few weeks I have noticed that there have not been as many product choices in this shop. I especially noticed that the range of Lego that was available had been dwindling since Christmas. No new products had appeared and once a range had sold out it was not replenished.

Hawkins Bazaar Closing

Well on Friday 24th January we found out the reason for this. Hawkins Bazaar is closing down due to entering administration for the second time since 2011. There are around twenty stores that could close and hundreds of jobs which could be lost if a buyer cannot be found this time round.

Closing Down Sale

Right now there is a massive sale going on. There is 50% off everything and unsurprisingly products are flying off the shelves. At the time of writing they were down to the last four sets of ‘friends’ Lego (all the same set) so if you are after a bargain I suggest you get there soon.

I do hope that this brand will be saved but it is likely that it will simply disappear from our streets. Having been saved once in 2011, potential buyers may think it’s not worth the trouble. This is not the first toy brand to disappear. It certainly will not be the last brand to leave Baths high street either.

The retail sector is having a troubling time with high business rates, reduced footfall and very high online competition. If something does not give there will be more shops closing and more brands going bust. Will anything be done to help new shops to open or will they be left to fail one by one?

Which stores have been list in Bath that you miss?

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