Does Bath Riverside flood?

An interesting question getting asked more and more is, does Bath Riverside flood? With weather and flood warnings happening up and down the country it is certainly something you should be taking more seriously.

The River Avon

Bath Riverside is unsurprisingly found right on the river. The Avon has over the past decade reached higher and higher levels but has not completely flooded the area to my knowledge.

BANES council did agree certain flood defences with the Bath Riverside development such as dredging the river (which I am not sure if that happened or not) and further defences further up the river. There are stretches of open land which act as flood plains.

One final defence is that the underground car park is actually designed as a flood defence of last resort. The car park is the lowest point so any excess water will drain into it.

16th Feb Bath Riverside flood potential. A few inches of space left before it overflows

As can be seen from above, the river is quite full at Bath Riverside but it has been worse before. A few years ago the river did actually overflow. The above path was no longer visible and can be seen in the image below.

Bath Riverside flood 2016

Bath Riverside flood 2016

Image from Victoria Bridge looking out over the River Avon and path to Sainsbury’s.

As can be seen the path is partially submerged. The grassy area is actually designed to be flooded in heavy rain like was seen just four years ago.

I have actually seen it worse than even this but do not have an image available.

Having seen what floods have occurred in recent times I am not worried about Bath Riverside in the future. The amount of water falling in a short amount of time would need to be significantly higher and for longer.

Future flooding

It has currently stopped raining Sunday afternoon but the river will keep filling for the next day or so even without additional rain. What is apparent is that these flood events at Bath Riverside are quite regular.

I have images of flooding from at least 2016, 2017 and 2020. It is appearing to be an annual event if not every other year. If it does continue hopefully the river will once again be dredged in order for the city to resist these events.

Update: 17/02/20

Well as expected water has continued to flow into the river Avon and as can be seen below the path is now completely submerged. The flood plain area has once again found its use and is at the approximate height from a few years ago.

Bath Riverside flood 2020
Bath Riverside flood plain 2020

Here is another picture of the river as seen from the flats at Bath Riverside. Currently the river has not overflowed into the park area nor do I expect it to.

A final picture below shows the mini flood plain from the stairs that lead down to the path.

Bath Riverside flood 2020 from stairs down to the path

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