PC World closed in South Gate

The PC World store in South Gate has always been a bit of a weird store. This is mostly due to its size as it is quite small. There was a Car Phone Warehouse area just inside the door to the right. The tills were on the left with headphones and some speakers. As you go through the store you would pass cameras, cables and smaller devices.

Past those are the laptops, tablets and eventually you would find the TV’s right at the back of the store. One thing you did notice is that there was a limited range of devices per category and the majority available were the cheaper items.

I did frequently go into this store as it was fairly easy to get to and if you needed something small or generic like a cable you could find it fairly quickly. The one really good thing about this store is that they would check their other stores and get it delivered to them for you to collect later.

Closest PC World Store

This is not the first shop in South Gate to close. SuperDry which had a large store closed recently and Pandora has switched locations. PC World has always had a much larger store at the Western Lock Retail Park, BA2 1EP, near McDonald’s. I have bought several items from this store from an Asus Zenpad tablet to a Samsung QLED TV. The range is much greater, they also have large white goods like fridges and washing machines.

You should be able to find exactly what you need at this store but if you can not then it will mostly likely be available online. One thing that will be annoying to residents is having to go further out of town for something small like a USB cable.

Do you ever go to this store? Did it have what you needed?

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