River turns white but what’s been dumped?

Whilst I am not the type of person to protest in the street about environmental issues I do take them very seriously. On Friday the 13th of March I was shocked to see what can only be described as pollution flowing into the river.

White pollution

As to what it is I have no idea. From the image you can see some sort of white liquid flowing from the pipe near the Sainsbury’s bridge. It does look like paint or some sort of plaster dust being washed away.

River Avon Bath
Close up of the white pollution flowing into the river near Sainsbury’s car park bridge

Another possibility could be waste milk that has gone past its sell by date. This could then have been poured down the drain. This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this but is also the main reason I won’t go in the water. Yes I have seen people dive in on hot days like there were last summer.

The River Avon

From what I have heard the river Avon is a grade B river. So whilst it’s not the worst grade of river it is also not the cleanest and that was without any white pollution being poured in.

There are many questions to be answered. Has this happened before? Do Sainsbury’s know anything about this? How often are checks made on the quality of the water? What actually was it and where does it come from?

I will certainly be keeping an eye on the river and ask if you see anything odd to contact the council. For another look at pollution in Bath check out this article about Bath going green.

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