Pandora opens fresh new store

As I have mentioned before, there have been many store closures in Bath recently. Pandora has been a part of South Gate for several years but with a small shock to residents they announced the store was closing.

There was however no need to worry as they were moving to a larger store in South Gate with a fresh new look. Stores really do move locations all the time. Sometimes the close and leave for two years like KFC and sometimes they move in almost straight away like Pandora has.

Your new Pandora Store

Pandora is my sisters all time favourite store and she gets a voucher for birthday and Christmas every year as she is very easy to buy for.

What’s it like?

The new store as can be seen above is a very fresh looking store. It makes you think of an up market Apple store as its bright with an open layout but the lights are all spot lights to show off the sparkle of the jewellery.

When you first see the store you can tell it’s around three times larger than the previous store. Obviously the old store was selling really well but they needed more space. This should allow them to push sales higher with a larger range of items.

If you are familiar with the old store you would know how busy it gets at Christmas. There is a queue outside with a sash rail and you have to wait to go in. This new store will hopefully stop that happening as there are more counters throughout the store.

Have you been to the new store yet? What did you like or not like about it?

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