Bath Shops close due to COVID-19

With all the panic around the corona virus and the ever increasing advice for social distancing, some shops are taking their own steps.

There are still a few people walking around shopping but even for a weekday the number of shoppers are significantly down. Tourists are still visiting the sites and shops too but it does feel much more quiet than usual.

Hollister Temporarily Closed

As no one knows how long this corona virus outbreak could last there is no suggestion of how long this store could remain closed. It could be weeks but there is every chance that it will be months. You can however continue to purchase online for now.

Whilst Hollister and the North Face are both closed they are both fashion retailers. Apple has also closed their store in South Gate which is part of a massive world wide closure of stores outside of China.

North Face Closed due to COVID-19

North Face

Once again there is no idea as to how long they will be closed which is understandable. They do mention being able to find out more on their website. We will keep an eye out for further closures during this Corona virus situation.

It however is set to get a little worse and maybe a lot worse before it gets any better. With many people staying away from shops and actually following government advice to social distance themselves shops are going to feel the pain.

Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley (One of my favourite stores) has just announced that it is going into administration. This has been on the cards for a few months now but sales had started to pick up but the current situation is causing people to stay home.

Debenhams has also requested a rent holiday from landlords in these tough times. Personally I think business rates need to be revised with a new system taking into account online against offline sales.

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