It’s June 1st so what’s open?

Like most people I have been hibernating in my home for the last 10 weeks. It was actually the first time I have stepped inside Sainsbury’s for around three months. The streets are still very quiet and most shops are still closed until at least the 15th June.

What’s open right now?

Food shops obviously are open and mostly have been throughout especially the big ones like Tesco and Sainsbury’s. Pret a Manger is now open. It is take away only with a restriction of 8 people inside maximum. It also closes at 14:30 which is understandable as most people are just out for lunch even if they work nearby.

KFC footprints for those willing to stand in the rain for some Zinger goodness

KFC, you know how much I love KFC. It was open just for delivery however that has now changed and they are allowing up to four people inside at any one time. There is also a queuing system outside with marks on the floors.

KFC is Open

I honestly should be sponsored by KFC as I seem to talk about them more than any other shop in Bath. The max of 4 people is pretty much a joke as I am sure they have more staff in the kitchen than that. You can use deliveroo though for delivery.

Most of the other shops are under going full clean downs in preparation for Monday. The staff are inside and they are cleaning everything from what can be seen. Clothes shops are also under going opening activities.

The Entertainer has also introduced a click and collect system at the entrance of their store. You can order on their website and walk up to pick up your items. There are also marked areas to stand a safe distance apart.

The Entertainer ‘Click and Collect’

What will the high street look like?

Shopping is going to be a lot more stressful and a lot slower. Shops have already started claiming space outside their stores. Stickers have been placed on the ground 2m apart to ensure social distancing but in most cases people will most likely just not show up. Why bother waiting 20 mins to go into a store when you can simply buy online and have it delivered to your door.

No Go Squares
Nationwide has claimed some space and so has W H Smith further up the street

Are you really prepared to stand in a square out in the middle of the street in order to go into the bank? What about when it’s raining? I find most of the time even when you go in to a bank they send you home to call a number to book an appointment to go back.

Yes that really happened and it was Barclays Bank as I wanted to open a new business bank account.

UPDATE 13th June

Box of Ben’s Cookies in Bath

Ben’s Challenge Accepted

I dare you to resist more than 4 days. Mine are gone in 4 hours.

Ben’s Cookies is also open. The wife has just surprised me with a box of 7 yummy warm cookies. At least I think all 7 are mine. Ben’s Cookies have a special offer where you can choose 7 for the price of 5.

I’ll be sure to add a post about them shortly. They also serve drinks and used to have a small seating area but we will have to see what happens on Monday 15th June when most places are due to re-open.

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