TGI Friday’s will not open

Another restaurant will not be opening even after the government gives the all clear. That restaurant is TGI Friday’s which is found on the ground floor of the Kingsmead Odeon complex.

The nearest location believe it or not will be at Cribbs Causeway which is miles away. For a restaurant to be able to command that large a commute for a meal would need an unbelievably good menu with great service.

TGI Friday's closed for good sign

TGI Friday’s

This is the second major brand to close their doors inside the Kingsmead Odeon complex. The other big name was Frankie and Benny’s which closed several years ago and was found on the top floor opposite Nando’s. Weatherspoons have a location on the ground floor on the opposite side of the same building which is closed for now due to coronavirus.

TGI Firday's at Kingsmead

Whilst I do quite like their menu it is not something I would travel almost an hour to go and get unless there was something else I needed to travel for. There is a branch of Nando’s on the top floor by the cinema exit. There is also another Nando’s which is much nicer near the railway and bus stations.

Will Nando’s be the next to leave? If they are able to pick up the extra people that would have gone to TGI Friday’s then probably not. If that does not happen they could quite easily close down one location to consolidate costs.

Future of Bath restaurants

Hospitality was in a precarious position before the lock down. It is unlikely to be the last restaurant chain to leave Bath. Most of these locations are also too large for independents to get started. There is little doubt that high business rates are hindering their profitability.

Whilst some have been able to continue feeding the many residents of Bath with click and collect or Deliveroo this has not been able to stop tough decisions being made. Restaurants are in dire need of help to survive the next few months. We can only see what the government will do and what the council can offer.

On a lighter note many other stores have begun to open and we expect restaurants to start opening for a dine in experience in July. We will keep you informed of what’s happening as it happens.

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