The Seagulls are back…

One of the worst things about living in the city of Bath is the seagulls. They are a damn nuisance and now that people are once again allowed out they have returned. One good thing about the lock down was that there was very little litter and food available for them to steal.

Seagulls at the bins

Bins are full

Whilst it is great that the city is getting back to normal and businesses are once again open. There are side effects to this. One of the most obvious is how full the bins get. If they are not regularly emptied rubbish piles up and the seagulls take advantage.

They have returned and they are as vicious as ever. I witnessed two successful attempts to steal food from unsuspecting victims in a single afternoon.

The first lost half a hot dog including the bun which was swallowed in three gulps just by the hot dog stand. The second attack was the loss of a sausage roll near EE. One seagull swooped down and stole it whilst it was still in the wrapper. It was from Gregg’s in case you are interested.

It is not just about the attacks for food. Buildings are plastered bird crap as well as the pavements. Both myself and my wife have been crapped on whilst out walking in town. This happened in two locations

A few years ago the council were urged to reduce the number of seagulls due to public health concerns.

Bath Riverside

At Bath Riverside they regularly walk round with a bird of prey as a humane deterrent to the seagull menace. This does appear to be effective but only for short amounts of time. The council also have the ability to remove nests and eggs under certain reasons.

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