Eat Out to Help Out – Cote Brasserie

The government after screwing the hospitality industry appears to be trying to repair the damage. Whilst they absolutely need help I do believe this was self inflicted with their lockdown.

Everyone knows there is no such thing as a free meal but what about 50% off per person which is up to £10 each per meal. Check out the menu here.

We chose to eat at one of our favourite places in Bath which is Cote Brasserie. It is also an opportunity to try some of their more expensive dishes that we would normally avoid.

What did we order?

You can probably guess already, so yeah, I ordered steak and it was the good ones rather than the cheaper cuts. A delicious 7oz fillet steak cooked medium rare, served with frites and I also had a peppercorn sauce.

7oz Fillet Steak – Medium Rare

The steak was cooked to perfection which is how every meal we eat at Cote Brasserie has been served. Flavour was delicious, texture was melt in your mouth. It’s always nice when you have a proper steak knife too.

To go with it we also had a tomato salad which was also very tasty. Usually the larger the tomato the less flavour they have but that was not the case here. I will certainly be having more of those in the future.

Roast Seabass, Braised Fennel and Champagne Beurre Blanc

My wife had the roast seabass which also looked fantastic. It looked a little undercooked to us so we did question it but the chef said it was cooked properly but offered to cook it a little longer for us.

We declined the additional cooking as we trust their chefs. We also eat a lot of sushi and that’s not cooked at all. I can’t remember what the technical term was he used but I think he called it a vein or something similar.


As the meal was going to be £20 cheaper than usual we decided to order desserts. We didn’t have a starter this time so that we had room. I went for the chocolate fondant. I cook these myself but have not done so in a while.

Chocolate Fondant With a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

Perfectly cooked, gooey and chocolatey on the inside with a single delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream. My wife had the crème caramel which can be seen below.

It was a tasty little dessert. Being a French restaurant it should be one of their best and you can see it looks perfect. All in all we got to eat some slightly more expensive items for a little less than normal. Hopefully it also helped out Cote Brasserie as they have been closed for a few months.

Crème Caramel

Cote Brasserie are also now doing home deliveries for local delivery of cooked meals but they also have also started a home range which you can cook yourself. We will get to those in a post soon.

COVID Changes

It’s worth a mention of the changes they have made inside. Hand wash is available and servers have plastic face shields. There is also more space between tables which is one of the nice things about dining out these days.

Tables are at least a meter apart and there is more space to walk between them. This will no doubt hurt the bottom line of restaurants but it does make a nicer dining experience.

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