Class closes COVID to blame?

With all the new laws coming out to supposedly try to contain the spread of COVID we are continuing to see the fallout of those laws on our own high streets.

The real ticking timebomb will be the furlough scheme ending in October combined with the run up to Christmas which usually brings many temporary jobs with it. This is going to reveal the real number of unemployed in the UK and how badly the high street has suffered and no doubt how well Amazon has prospered.

Class Has Closed

Whilst not a shocking development, Class closing at Bath Riverside has left yet another retail space empty. Class for those that do no know, offers classes such as Yoga to its members. Class has been very popular on the development with classes always being full before COVID.

Being inside and in close proximity has been a big no due to government restrictions. Gyms had been closed although temporarily for several months. Some businesses are now cutting back on locations in order to try and save their businesses in highly uncertain times.

The location is now vacant once again. It did take a while to rent out the first time so it could be a while before we see what will take its place.

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