Careful By The River Avon You Might Fall In

It’s not everyday you get to do something nice for another human being and today was like any other day. The sun was out and it was a bit cool but at least the rain had stopped.

After grabbing a coffee from Coffee #1 with Spike, my French Bulldog, we decided to take a slightly different route for a little change of scenery and go for a little walk along the river towards Sainsbury’s. It was lucky we did.

Victoria Bridge

We did not get more than 20 meters along the pathway, just before getting to Victoria bridge when we saw a teenager fall in. We started to jog to catch up to offer some assistance. A few moments later we were at the side of the river, offering a hand to help pull him up. I managed to grab his hand and pull him up as he used his knee on the lower ledge to get a footing.

He was absolutely soaked and if you have ever worn wet clothing you will know that clothes weighs ten times more when wet. In his own words the edge was a bit slippery and he just slipped into the river which is very easy to do.

He was not able to climb out by himself due to the weight of his wet clothes and there not being a ladder or easy way to get up. He said he was not sure how he would have got out without help. The river can be a very dangerous place and at least five people have drowned in just as many years.

Anyone else walking past after me would have done the same thing but care should always be taken when near the river particularly when on your own. Some areas can be very slippery especially by the edge where water/algae is likely to be present.

Several other areas around Bath Riverside have had the algae removed due to making the steps slippery especially when wet. Take care by the river.

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